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Graffiti Removal

Graffiti Removal from Hard Surfaces using Safer* Graffiti Remover Gel

from hard surfaces,


Safer* Graffiti Remover Gel


1. Use Safer* Graffiti Remover Gel as a cleaning gel. Apply generously, with a brush.
Use the brush to lay the product on, do not brush out.
For small areas, apply on a soft cloth.
Time needed depends on the graffiti to be removed:
To remove Dwell time needed Method
Felt pen None Wipe on/wipe off
Paint pen Approx 30 seconds Wipe on, wait , wipe off
Spray paint As needed. 5 minutes to an hour Wipe on, wait , wipe off
Gloss paint As needed. 10 minutes to an hour Brush on, wait , wipe off
2. When the gel has soaked into the graffiti and it is fully softened, wipe off with a soft cloth.
Always leave products to soak fully into and soften the coating to be removed.
This means that a minimal amount of mechanical work is required hence the underlying surface will not be damaged by enthusiastic hacking or scraping.
3. Rinse well with water. Ensure that no trace of chemicals remain. Allow to dry.

NB Safer* Graffiti Remover Gel does not contain toxic or harmful ingredients, but if the paint contained lead, the waste will have to be disposed of accordingly.


Test before use on plastics.
Wear protective goggles when working overhead or outdoors if breezy conditions.
Wear butyl rubber gloves to remove softened coating.
Prolonged contact with Graffiti Remover or Wash will soften paint, polystyrene, some grades of Perspex and Polycarbonate.
Safer* Graffiti Remover Gel and Graffiti Wash are quite Safer* and may, by themselves, be disposed of via public drainage systems, but the advisability of this depends upon the type and nature of graffiti that has been removed.


Keep container securely closed. Store out of direct sunlight. Protect from frost.


Collect waste for disposal.
If paint removed contained lead, then the waste material will contain lead.
Relevant regulations will apply.


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All chemicals and chemical compounds used by Action Products conform to European guidance to the Public Sector on procuring “green” products and services.

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The word Safe has been changed to Safer*.
All products are SAFER* than products based on highly flammable methylal or toxic methanol.
This change is to comply with European Advertising regulation requirements.
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