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Safer* Paint & Varnish Remover
was tested and found to remove graffiti without damaging the substrate.
Crime Prevention Panel - Brentford, Chiswick & Isleworth .
Great Strip
Great Strip is a gel, which is easy to apply with a brush and doesn't drip. After 60 minutes it strips gloss and emulsion paint well and we removed three layers of paint easily using a scraper. In most cases a second application was required in patches to effectively remove multiple layers of paint."
"If you're concerned about your health, Great Strip is worth considering. It is non–corrosive and has low odour."
Which? (magazine).
Safer* Graffiti Remover
"A powerful, non-toxic water-based graffiti remover that does the job at half the cost of toxic and corrosive chemicals usually required."
Western Daily Press

Safer* Graffiti Remover
In the context of housing association maintenance, this versatile gel offers fast, effective, low odour, cleaning of various surfaces. Uses include removing graffiti from masonry or fibre glass; cleaning plastic floor tiles where paint has been dripped or spilled and unsusual requirements such as recently encountered by the Whitefriars Housing Group, when an outgoing tenant had painted a toilet cistern and pedestal with four coats of gloss paint.
Housing Refurbishment feature, HABM.

Professional Grade Tex Remover
Industrial chemist, Ithiel Mogridge of Action Products Limited has developed a non-toxic, water based gel known as Professional Grade Tex Remover to complement the original product, Tex Remover. The Professional Grade incorporates extra, non-toxic paint removing ingredients to give more powerful performance for the removal of old textured coatings where multiple coats of paint have been applied over the years.
Professional Grade Tex Remover – (ACADemy)
Masonry Wash
We write to thank you for the assistance you have given both to Fr David Myers, Parish Priest, of St Peters Church, Cardiff and ourselves in the specifying of suitable products for cleaning the Godwin & Minton floor tiles in the church, the 17th century oak benches and the 19th century bath stone font. The results we obtained using your products was excellent, we found them to be both user friendly and easy to use.

St Peter's Church, Cardiff
Victorian Stone Font restored using Masonry Wash, March 2007.
St Peters Font restored using Masonry Wash

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Dear Customers,

The word Safe has been changed to Safer*.
All products are SAFER* than products based on highly flammable methylal or toxic methanol.
This change is to comply with European Advertising regulation requirements.
Our products remain the same fast acting, non-toxic, low odour products which have been enjoyed by our customers since 1998.
Thank you for your continued custom and support.

Best wishes,
Action Products Ltd.
Aug. 2012