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Statue of Olly the Ox comes clean.

Vandals painted Oxford United Football Club's statue of Olly the Ox a striking pink.
Using Safer* Paint & Varnish Remover supplied by Conservation Resources Ltd.,
Bradford Decorating and Construction of Oxford restored the statue to it’s former glory.
Statue Olly the Ox, February 2011

Statue of Flora comes clean.

Director of Action Products Ltd, Mrs Ithiel Mogridge, donated enough Masonry Wash to give Flora a good wash and brush up, and demonstrated by cleaning parts of the statue as shown on the link below.
Statue of Flora, November 2009

Dangerous chemical banned from paint removers

The EC Environment Committee has proposed new legislation that will ban DIY consumers from using Methylene Chloride based paint removers and will ban professional use except for those countries that choose to allow training followed by licensed use including approved personal protective equipment (PPE). This legislation will be called Dangerous substances and preparations: restrictions on the marketing and use of dichloromethane (amend. Directive 76/769/EEC) Ref COD/2008/0033.
News Letter, January 2009 html

Richard and Judy interview

Richard and Judy Interview Ithiel Mogridge, Director of Action Products Ltd., while she demonstrates her award winning Safer* Paint and Varnish Remover after winning British Female Inventor of the Year 2002.
3 minute video (wmv)

BFIY 2002

Ithiel Mogridge, Director of Action Products Ltd. won British Female Inventor of the Year 2002
With her invention of 'Safer* Paint and Varnish Remover'
British Female Inventor of the Year 2002

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Dear Customers,

The word Safe has been changed to Safer*.
All products are SAFER* than products based on highly flammable methylal or toxic methanol.
This change is to comply with European Advertising regulation requirements.
Our products remain the same fast acting, non-toxic, low odour products which have been enjoyed by our customers since 1998.
Thank you for your continued custom and support.

Best wishes,
Action Products Ltd.
Aug. 2012