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Professional Grade Tex Remover

Professional Tex Remover Professional Tex Remover like Tex Remover is a non-toxic, non-corrosive,
bio-degradable, chemical gel, it makes light work of removing painted *Artex.

Professional Tex Remover uses a more potent and expensive chemical compound than
Tex Remover this makes it work faster and harder than non-professional Tex Remover.

Simply follow the instructions provided below.

Key Benefits

Product Information / how to use sheets:



Easy to apply - suitable for large or small areas

Faster than - sanding off

icon How to remove painted laster based textured coating professionally
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Faster than - steaming off

Safety Data Sheets

icon Faster than - re-plastering

icon Safety Data Sheet
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Professional Grade Tex Remover incorporates extra, non-toxic paint removing ingredients to give more powerful performance for the removal of old textured coatings where multiple coats of paint have been applied over the years.
Professional Grade Tex Remover - (ACADemy)

Pack Size and Price

Professional Grade Tex Remover Code Pack
Single Price Pack Price
5 ltr PTR5 2 x 5 ltr £ 55.65 £ 111.30
25 ltr PTR25 1 x 25 ltr £ 267.12 £ 267.12

*Prices exclude VAT and Carriage.

Purchase Information

All our products can be purchased from Action Products Ltd. via mail order,
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Or in person from one of our retail outlets

Designed to be kind

All chemicals and chemical compounds used by Action Products conform to European guidance to the Public Sector on procuring “green” products and services.

* Artex is the trademark of BPB UK Limited
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Dear Customers,

The word Safe has been changed to Safer*.
All products are SAFER* than products based on highly flammable methylal or toxic methanol.
This change is to comply with European Advertising regulation requirements.
Our products remain the same fast acting, non-toxic, low odour products which have been enjoyed by our customers since 1998.
Thank you for your continued custom and support.

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